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When animal-hearted still doesn't cut it

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When animal-hearted still doesn't cut it Empty When animal-hearted still doesn't cut it

Post by LoporiConteh Fri Feb 06, 2015 10:41 pm

I've heard of people here realising that a once-thought kintype was really a kithtype, has anyone had the opposite happen or heard of the opposite happening?
I knew that mermaids were a kin-type from the start aaaanyway. But the bonobos were a tricky one, and even the orangutans. I did somewhat say animal-hearted as a just in case measure for a good while but it seems the bonobo side of me was somewhat uncomfortable. It felt very therian for as long as I knew of them but I didn't like to submit/admit to the gut feeling, too afraid I guess. But then I eventually just gave in and realised that yes bonobos are a lot more than a hearted kinda deal, and even orangutans too. As my mindset swaps from bonobo to Bornean orangutan and back again sometimes.
I am ape hearted in general though, and have never once considered chimpanzees a theriotype at all, but I do absolutely adore their comany. I probably hang around chimps longer than orangutans, despite feeling therianeqsue about the orangutan.

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